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Vajra Mantra

Canvas. Acrylic Paint.   $300 negotiable



oṃ āḥ hūṃ vajra guru padma siddhi hūṃ 

(Sanskrit: वज्र, Tibetan: Dorje རྡོ་རྗེ “thunderbolt, lightning, diamond, adamantine”) 

In Hinduism, the weapon of Indra. 

Lightening Bolt of Zeus and the Gods.

In Tibetan Buddhism, a symbol of true reality, the Emptiness, the Absolute, that which is indestructible.  The Rainbow Light body of the Bodhisattva.  

Diamond Soul.

The Power of the Primordial Prakasa, Chinnamasta.

Mantra of all the Masters, Buddhas, Yidams, Dakas, Dakinis and Protectors.

Offering prayers of Liberation to All.


The real world is not as solid as we think.  Infinite light contained in each particle of God Source All exists at nothing, as a black hole empty & full of potential energy existing as Zero point.  Awaken this source of Divine Light within your being, offer it back to God Source in All.  

Offer Light,  a loop of light weaved on the loom of creation, into infinity you shall walk.

All is but a reflection …. what are you seeing?  Are you even seeking Truth?  One must knock for the rock door of Truth to open.