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The Philosophers Stone

120x120cm Linen Canvas. Acrylic Paint. Gold Leaf   


ALCHEMY the hermetic Science passed from the Arab world to the lands of Europe.  

“many are called but few are chosen.”

A tear in the matrix of reality opens up and a Light shines forth brighter than a million moons, pass the threshold, into a world of Light.  

A Moon merges into the Heart of the Sun.   All becomes One. 

WISDOM. She is Light. She is beyond and within manifestation.  She is the Gold of the Philosophers Stone. She is within and without.  She must manifest within the being to Create marriage between Heaven and Earth.  Light that is the Spiritual Fire of the Holy Spirit.  

She is the Lightening Bolt of the Gods. , the Vajra – Power of the Primordial Prakasa.   Primordial Egg of Creation.  

The two must become one.  Two polarities within must become one. Unified. Male, female, within and without.  The Cosmic Christ leads us to the Divine mothers womb.  Born again from the Virgin Mother within to create a Holy Child.  Union of Spirit and Soul

JOHN 3:5-24

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.  That which is born of flesh is flesh: and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit.”

Divine Mother coiled at the base of the Spinal medulla.

Father as Holy Spirit resides in the Pineal Gland.  (shiva./shakti). The Fire of the Holy Ghost (the Light) Fecundates the Divine Mother in Muladhara chakra.  Here the CROSS of feminine -ve and  masculine +ve forces creates a CROSS.  Moving to Create the Spiritual Child.

Need to then work in the furnace raising the serpent on upon the Staff.  The Caudius, the Spinal Column. Winged Serpents in the embrace of Divine Love.   Unity the cross linking Sun (sulphur) & Moon (mercury).

This Serpent our inner Dragon is life force energy.  +ve and -ve. We must follow higher will and defeat the lower animal ego.  Our SHADOW if denied intrigues fantasies, obsessions, egos. Desiring what we do not allow ourself.  

The Dragon is also Lucifer.  Carrier of LIGHT. Bearer of Fire.  Lucifer is a cosmic energy.   We must choose Pure Consciousness and Sacred Offering of our being to tame the Dragon and use it for Divine Carriage.  As its inferior essences are transmuted into higher ones. Energy cannot be destroyed thus all is placed in the Alchemical fire for Spiritual Fuel for Divine Offering. 

Earth is transformed into water ..vapours rise… electrical current shoot forth.

Prima materia .. first matter ……adi shakti…. primal waters/chaos penetrated by the FIRE and LIGHT.   

UNION of opposites rise through the central column. 


To Search for Alchemical Gold is a Spiritual Quest for Truth and Wisdom.

Franciscus Kieser (16-17th century) explained that there is Wisdom, a light that is the breath of the divine energy. This Wisdom is a ray, a brilliance, a mirror, and is the manifestation of the divine energies. It moves everything, it rules over and emanates Nature; it is invisible and a maintaining fire, an inscrutable power of the uncreated interior. When it leaves the creations it immediately goes to the grace of God, to the Holy Spirit. This is what the true alchemists were after. It is found both outside and inside oneself.