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SVAHA is the energy of ignition and combsutibility.  An aspect of the holy fire she is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.  Every Yajna – Holy Sacrifice is performed in her presence.  In her absence fire wont burn nor prayers and offerings hold any power.  She too is known as Shakti and Kriya, this inner consuming and transforming fire.  She gives the Spiritual Power in all offerings to the Divine.

She is the INRI of Christ and the power of his Light.

INRI fire constanty renews nature

The Holy Fire represents God, as it has the spiritual quality of light, and the gross quality of heat. It purifies & consumes.

A fire ceremony is powerfully transformative & can amplify intentions. The divine lives in the fire. The ritual feeds and nurtures her.  God rests in the living spirit of the Fire.

As light is harnessed and raised up the Spine as offering back to the Divine …. SVAHA gives power to this offering and here she awakens the holy fire and holds her greatest power of Transformation.  She is Kriya Shakti the power and heat christifying the Seed of Life.  The inner Sacrifice and offering back this light, is the Holy Grail, the Inner path of the Initiate.  The philosophers stone and the beginning of the Heros Journey Home.