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Spirit on the Waters

(120x120cm, Linen Canvas, Gold Leaf. 2015)  

4000 + GST/delivery


Divine Mother Kundalini, divine holy spirit, Adi Shakti, forever bowing before you into infinity. Forever a servant of your light. you are within all life to all dimensions.. through the light of consciousness we are liberated…

Dearest Lord. Unmanifest Light. Source of all. Christ Consciousness. Divine Mother Kundalini that dwells deep within me…… you are within the Deep Dark Waters of  our being.  Sleeping beauty lost in time.  Forever I search and yearn for you even when i have forgotten what i am looking for and where to look.

Give me strength to serve you and the humility to keep bowing in your Grace, forever grateful that you lead us home back to the source of light within.

Oh Holy Spirit Great Mother beyond created form as you divide into the divine aspects of creation…. Oh mother your faces are many as coming into form… these are the Divine Aspects of Consciousness we Swim in…they are within us lost to us until we find the lock and key.  Reuniting our heavy souls with your Light Divine Spirit……..……

Thank you.   oh such Revelation in how real this Wisdom of LIGHT is.  As offered so it is received.  For when we dedicate our works to you sewing seeds of light and love,  Grace reflects itself back and spirit begins to whisper in her signs “we see you”.

There with in all, all the time, the essence of our true being and covered by conditioning and energetic ties that keep us in a loop outside our real self.  The Fire must be lite upon our Waters.   Stoked and burning within the depths of our being again so we can breath in and feel your grace.  I dedicate my works to you for it is your Fire that gives life.

SOO HUMM the breath is your chariot.  You are HAMSA way of the white Swan…..Your name is Bhakti ….. dancing invisibly across the face of all worlds.

You are beyond time and space… then you become time itself. Beyond right and wrong. Beyond our minds comprehension. Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer. You are love, truth and bliss. Death, life and beyond.

All the Gods, Goddesses and aspects of creation dance to your Song and through them we see your face.

Infinity beyond creation, forming and dissolving creation is your play.  Yearning for you even when one have forgotten what one is searching for.  This deep longing exists at my core to be one with you, to bow and serve you…. to move closer and drink in the ecstasy of your Grace.

This Divine Love seeks nothing in return but to serve you, to love you more each day and know you more intimately.   You are all the longing heart seeks, you are the beloved and as we stand vertically along the serpents ladder in divine love and in surrender we begin to know you as you awaken from deep within.

Ohh how you divide and take form … these are your many faces and the beginning of creation as we know…..

HOLY MOTHER of our BELOVED CHRIST CHILD within …… our hearts are directed in service to you.  May all brought forth be an offering to your Sacred PLAY.  May each breath hold your name as we whisper dreams of love back into your being.  May we never forget your name, from this space feeling your Grace embrace us as you purify our being from deep within.

CONSORT of GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS, INFINITY beyond form you are always entwined in the Lovers Embrace….

I offer my Light to you …..& you are in all.