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Soul Reflections

120x120cm. canvas, Acrylic.  $1100 negotiable 


Who are you?   …. I am you.  Soul Vibration -release as I pour forth.   

Another Dimension we exist too.

Soul Reflections upon Infinity.  Seek truth within, face dark nights, meet inner Shadows and cast forth your light.

Beginning of time, through time, past all time ….reaching home.

Remember your ‘Light’, She is Wisdom and will guide you.  

Oh Divine Mother from God you fold forth as creation, source of infinity, connect at Zero Point where no Space or time exists.  A void of Dark Light.  

Face again projected shadows, your own demons in the night. 

Born here again we die, resurrect into the Light.  

Flame burning upon Sacred Waters

….dissolving all into Divine Light…..