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Soul Reflections

120x120cm. canvas, Acrylic. 1300 + GST/Delivery

Who are you?   …. I am you.  Soul Vibration -release as I pour forth.   Another Dimension we exist too.

Soul Reflections upon infinity.  Seek truth within, face its dark nights, meet shadows & cast forth your light.

Beginning of time, through time & past all time ….reaching home.

Remember your ‘Light’, She is Wisdom and will guide you.  Source of infinity, connect at No-Time, Zero Point where no Space Time exists.  Born here again we die, resurrect only to be born again & grow in the Divine.  A golden child in the Womb of Mother.  Flame burning..Surrender to its heat, let it dissolve you. Touch me, I am you in your truth, I am all, in all and hold all.