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Wheel of Samsara – Snakes & Ladders



Habit & his Desires – Poem written in  Japan 2001 painting 2011.

Fell down a snake with habit in toe, Sit down there with him until you get your next throw.

Obscurity engulfs you there at the end of the tail, now in a solitude world where habit can easily prevail.

Too slippery to crawl up the scales without help, too far from the top where thought cannot hear your yelp.

So alone in the dark now a prisoner you remain,  Caught by habit and his desires you find it impossible to abstain.

So here you abide until the die hits your cup,  which way shall it now be further down or up?

Further down if you go leads to heartache and despair,  so clasp your hands together and sing softly this prayer.

“Oh GOD up above please lead me to light,  as day breaks at dawn cast my afflictions to the night”.

He shall then bring you to a ladder, where realisation does appear,  she will burn for you a candle so the path ascending is clear.

You may rest here on the ladder with peace in your heart,  mindful thought reigns supreme with the divine you’re now part.

This state of mind brings freedom knowing you are where you should be,  present in each moment feeling life’s DIVINE energy.

Treating all act as ritual …. see the pattern unveiled,  coincidence is but connections of life intrinsically detailed.

Though do not become complacent for again its your turn,  keep your mind still and open as you continue to learn.

Temptation ahead, on the path theres a slide, looking for a quick thrill you jump on for a ride.

Forgetting to acknowledge things are not what they seem,  failing to recognise somewhere you have previously been.

As the slide is temptation cleverly disguised as fun, when you leap to his calling you’re immediately undone.

The snake stretches his mouth, now its your time to repent,  again into a dark hole  you adjourn your decent.

Loosing all mindful thought as you recklessly fall,  greeted by habit and his desires where you land as before.

All through our lives this game we do play,  moving forward or backward with each given day.

We each hold our positions on this board called mother earth,  where we land before we die shall affect our rebirth.