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Acrylic Paint, Dutch Metal. Silver, 2013 


Primordial Cosmic Energy, power of God in Creation.

Shakti Mantras relate to the primary forms of the GODDESS or DIVINE MOTHER. There are special Shakti mantra for each of the great Goddesses, through which we can commune with them and gain their Graces, unifying ourself with this aspect of Consciousness. Transforming the deepest layers of our psyche and healing our whole being so we can rest in the bliss of our true self.  Truth is our Identity.

**Pranic energy Ascending power of pure consciousness (AUM)

**Energy of sound Creative power of knowledge and guidance (Aieem)

**Solar energy Power of illumination and reflection (Hreem)

**Lunar energy Power of reflection and devotion (Shreem)

**Electric energy Power of action, expression and transformation (Kreem)

**Magnetic energy Power of love and attraction (Kleem)

**Power of fire Power to purify, protect and remove negativity (Hum)



Gratitude to know the wisdom of the subtle

Gratitude to great spirit, great liberator and great truth that dwells as consciousness in sound ……when I am tired of another days work – God is my refuge & the spirit of mantra carries my soul through another day.

May we serve all with love…may we be humbled before the great mystery & devote each breath to the infinite truth hidden in all.

Mantras are divine tools we can use to protect self, expand our electromagnetic field, balance our mind, connect us to the divine, bringing us to a state of inner peace & bliss. Going within and drawing closer to the Light.

Gratitude to all the masters that have come before us and paved the way to liberation.