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(Acrylic Paint, Dutch Metal. Silver, 2013)

900+ GST/delivery


Meditation and Repetition of Bija(seed) Sounds align our Consciousness with the Cosmic Creative Forces within Nature awakening aspects of our own inner Consciousness. Each sound has a different energetic effect, all rousing our inner Divine Mother Kundalini and Connecting one to different aspects of the Divine Goddess within the internal realms.


(Dr. David Frawley. Mantra yoga & Primal sound as reference)

OM.  Pranic Energy.  Mantra of COSMIC BEING.  ISHVARA- creator/preserver/destoryer … our connection to our inner GURU and moving us away from creation back towards the expansive unmanifest realms.

AIM.  Sound Energy.. CREATION coming into Manifestation.  ADI SHAKTI the first force of creation. Seed mantra for Saraswati… goddess of Knowledge.  Promoting Art, expression and learning.

HRIM.   Solar Energy.  Energy in heart.  Magical mantra for the Heart.  Simulating, purifying and blissful used for any deity symbolising 3 aspects of creation.

SRIM.   Lunar Energy. Feeling/Emotion in the heart..its quality soothing, relaxing, Watery flow of SOMA …. Goddess LAKSHMI brings inner prosperity and spiritual bliss.

KRIM.  Electric Energy. Wind & Fire.  Projecting and Active.  Kriya Shakti…seed R of fire has power of action.  KREEM awakening Divine Mother Kundalini, connecting us to inner power of any diety and transforming ourself, transmuting and realeasing subconscious conditioning as she works to slay the ego and bring humility to the devote.  Fast, powerful & transformative- WARNING use with deep reverence and care.  Mars.

KLIM.   Magnetic Energy. Drawing in. Watery, flowing and soft energy.   Mantra of LOVE, DEVOTION and ATTRACTION. (good for Plama/skin/digestive fluids). Moon and Venus.

HUM.  Fire Energy. Pranava-primal sound of Lord shiva (transformative aspect of Trinity). Both protection mantra and ability to destroy negativity with its Spiritual Fire burning up deisres. HUUM with long vowel relates to Strong Shakti Energy – KALI and CHINNAMASTA.