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Seeds of Light

120x120cm. Linen Canvas. Gold Leaf.

Surrender to Divine Spirit, God, Allah.  Past name and form, surrender to the One unknowable Source of ALL.  Love God with all your Heart and serve all with compassion. 

Raised hands in devotion. Pray the Light of God may flow through you.  Imagine Light pouring from fingertips blessing earth and all beings.  With humility and gratitude honour Holy Spirit, Divine breath of God and all life it pervades. God in his creation is Divine Mother unfolding into many forms, she is Wisdom/Light.  This inner Light is source energy found in all material existence. 

Christic Seeds offered in devotion and love to heal the Mother.  We pray to the Father, please intercede for us…by your Will and Power alone.

Source of all at Infinity, nothing to do resting in each moment of Grace at Zero point, here ever present the Soul in union with Spirit guided by God.

All existence is a sea of Vibration.  What is our frequency set out?  What are we sending out? thus what is reflecting back?   Energy flows where thought goes, is it our own Will or the Will of God. Surrender to a deeper Love. Meditate on God, pray for Truth, Honour this Light within.  She is Wisdom.  Keep Divine Love in your Heart, seeking true faith through Wisdom unfolding by grace within.   See God in ALL.  Love all. 

The Seeker of Truth carries God, this Light of truth and wisdom in their Heart at all times. 

Light is self illuminating.  In eternal Union, God and the Goddess.  Spirit & Soul.

Humility, Gratitude and unconditional Love for All.  Love for our Divine Father and Mother, they are one. 

You are a child of the Universe. Resting in the arms of God.

Honour Divine Spirit all else will follow.   Serving this Light and offering it in prayers will open up internal worlds.  Wisdom she will carry you safely on her wings of the holy Spirit through this life and the next.  May we bow to the Great Divine Consciousness, God and his Light of Truth that awakens and lives within our heart and soul. We are all connected, love others as you wish to be loved.  Forgive if you wish to be forgiven. 

Remember your true self. Remember who you are, where you came from and why you came here.    This world is just a bridge to cross over.  Oh Lord God forever bowing before your Grace and Light of Truth. 

 The Art of Light is the Art of Spiritual Purification.  Purify Self or the Fire will burn when it comes. 

Knock and the door will open.  One must yearn and seek God to find this secret door, the straight path home.  Dance through the day each breath becoming a silent prayer, whispers of love and Light.  Present in remembrance of God and free from the polarities of mind.  

There exists a mysterious realm that cannot be explained by human-made theory and reason and intellectual conversations. However, one can experience this realm through the practice of spiritual purification with God’s Light.  

 Time and space are not limitations, align with Gods will and serve this inner Light.

“the origin of the earth is one, the origin of the world is one, the origin of humankind is one, and the origin of religions is one.”

May all beings be happy.  



Gospel Of Thomas.

His Disciples requested:

“Teach us about the Place

Where you live,

For we must seek it.”

Jesus said:

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

There is Light in a Man of Light,

Who gives Light to the World.

If he does not give Light,

There is only Darkness.