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Seeds of Light

120x120cm. Linen Canvas. Gold Leaf. 3900 + GST/Delivery

Raise your hands in devotion. Imagine light pouring out of your fingertips blessing this earth and all beings.  With humility and gratitude honour great spirit and all life it pervades. This inner light is source energy found in all material existence.  This God source of light waves coming to earth for the new age of awareness in Christ Consciousness….Christic Seeds planted to in the field to heal, purify and bring in a new Age in accordance with Divine Principles.  Source of all at Infinity, nothing to do resting in each moment of grace at Zero point, here the soul guided in each present moment..

All existence is a sea of Vibration.  What is our own frequency set out.. what are we sending out thus what is reflecting back.   Energy flows where thought goes…. …expand your field and awareness by meditating on the light.   It will transform your life and allow grace to descend.  You many not feel it straight away but as you keep faith and Divine Love in your Heart the Mother will awakening in your being.

The true Seeker of Truth carries a part of the Sun in their heart.  They are connected to God and this light is self illuminating. From NO-THING – zero point it pours forth.  Resonance code is unconditional love.  Let her light Pour through you.

Her Grace will bless you, you will feel great spirit hold you in her arms where we are always resting unaware of her Divine Beauty in every atom of the universe. We come from the light and return to the light. May we serve the light and each other & live in her wisdom. Spirit ‘first’ all else will follow.   Surrender to her light she will carry you safely on her wings of holy fire through this life and the next. May we bow to the great divine consciousness, the light of truth that lives within our heart and soul. We are all connected through her.

Remember your true self. Remember who you are, where you came from and why you came here.



We live in a sea of Vibration. So the Act of ‘giving LIGHT’ is beneficial for spiritual purification both the inanimate and animate.

The art of spiritual purification is the practice of radiating the Light of the Creator God from the palm of one’s hand. It is Light of the highest dimension, through which one is allowed to purify all things and solve all kinds of problems.  This Art Of Light can be practiced by anyone regardless of race, religion or beliefs.
Throughout history, the art of spiritual purification, which allows the demonstration of miracles, could only be practised by great saints. However, this divine art can now be practised by anyone, because it is part of God’s plan to purify humankind and the earth.
There exists a mysterious realm that cannot be explained by human-made theory and reason. However, one can experience this realm through the practice of spiritual purification with God’s Light.  The LIGHT IS OUR INNER GURU and teacher on the path illuminating our Darkness so we may see and know truth.  She will teach you as you serve her.  She is Wisdom.
The more we can meditate on this light during our daily activities bringing conscious awareness and grace into all we do. This will transform our lives keeping us in a meditative mind, allowing us to purify both our own, our family and ancestral karmas.


I would give my life for this light as the life is hers anyway and hope to serve this light in this life and the next. It is the only thing in this world that has truly given me contentment and peace…..
The Creator of the universe radiates Light throughout the universe.. May we harness this light by raising our hands and offering it to heal others and earth. Time and space are not limitations when working with the light.

“the origin of the earth is one, the origin of the world is one, the origin of humankind is one, and the origin of religions is one.”

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
May all beings be happy.