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Sekhem Kreem

GANS–gas in nano state. 120×120 Linen Canvas.   24kt Gold Leaf.    

Liminal spaces, oceans of time, between here and now. We dive into the waters of life and cross back over the threshold of time and space. Life, death, rebirth, infinity ….. you are, I am, no thing and all exists within. Go into your heart & journey up through a crystal Stargate.

Enter the Divine passage through doorway of your own waters and move upwards in service of something greater. Seek this truth and serve it with love as all carries the spark of the divine within, serve this spark in all creation as offering to Divine Mother.

Ocean of life and death

A threshold on the edge of time and space.  Time here stretches out into a million pieces before collapsing into no-thing and all.  NO time nor Space though all exists here.

The shift is here the passage home is connecting to the light….. Creator has opened the way and now this light descends on the earth to be received and its codes seeded for a new beginning of the Old Ways.  Harmony and love. Connection and Community as one family exists upon the earth in harmony with all nature.

The lock is your heart and its harmonic key your vibration code of love and light.

AUM …Divine Mother … Great Spirit we love you & see u in all…. Serving with love the light of consciousness ….. God is love, truth, bliss and beyond.