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Acrylic Paint, Linen Canvas,  Later works in 23, 24 Kt Gold Leaf.   Each work is made riding a Mantra & Sound, Light,  prayer and dance.

Some of the Paintings have GANS (gas in nano state) added  to the paint for energetic effect.



Learning to paint via Quantum Jumping.  The process is one of Soul Expression, learning and healing.  They are encoded with mantras, plasma and 24Kt gold leaf.Each Painting is an offering to Divine Spirit, the Light of God & honouring the Sacred Feminine.  The Divine Mother in all her aspects of Creation.  Bringing awareness to KUNDALINI – the spiritual power behind all Religions and Spiritual Practices.  In honour of our Own Divine Mother and connecting more deeply with her Sacredness.  Honouring her this Holy Spirit that connects us all.  I bow to the Light in all.

I bow to the Divine Truth and her Wisdoms….


Spiritual awakening changed my focus to look deeper beneath the surface of things ….”pulling back the curtains of this reality to reveal an infinite space of potential energy at zero point” we are all creators we have infinite potentials. Art is both a learning process for my own spiritual development as well as sharing an intended vibration as each picture holds its own signature of symbology and meaning. I hope to cross cultures and religions and reveal its all the same journey we share. We are all pillars of light needing to reignite the holy flame through finding our own truth at its deepest level. We all have our inner higher self, connected to the creator or cosmic consciousness we call GOD. We need to strengthen this connection & expand our awareness remembering ‘energy flows where thought goes’ …. What are we feeding and creating at the core of our being?


GOD, spiritual Alchemy, Gnosis, kundalini Yoga, Divine Light, TRUTH