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A Prayer for Truth

Acrylic 24k Gold Leaf.  $900 negotiable 


Dedicated to GOD, unknowable Source of All.  Our Father in hiding, unfolding into creation as Divine Mother holding us in her womb.  Her Light is Wisdom, may she illuminate all, may we share this Light with ALL. 

As Name and Form Changes and many religious symbols, quotes and metaphors are used…these are all pointing to something beyond NAME and FORM. To a Divine Source some call GOD, ALLAH, ALL, SOURCE, DIVINE MOTHER (power of God to Create).

The Journey is of  the Heart.  Just another story of deep darkness,  crying out in this valley of tears, yearning so deeply for this connection to God, to see and remember the truth behind the Veil.  Dying in oneself.  Beyond Religion and Dogma, beyond intellectual discussions of Name and Form there is the Intuitive, inspirational and direct path for experiencing what the illumined write about.  Seek the Kingdom within.  God can be found within the deepest recesses of ones Heart.  Quietening the waves of emotion and mind, underlying all is this Divine Will.  Follow her inner ‘Whispers of Truth’ and she will guide you home if honest with thyself.  Follow the Sacred Heart.  We only change the World around by changing what we are inside. Be True. Be Kind. Seek humility. Seek Virtues to over come Vices, as the treasures of Truth lay in the pure overflowing Heart in search of eternal Union with the Divine. 

Once arriving at One with God. Peace pervades in any place, time, dimension, world, life.  Beyond death, sickness, health remaining at peace in equanimity shielded by strength of Spirit to see through the ever fluctuating waves of Time.   

Heaven or hell, Nirvana or Samsara…Oh God send me to Serve you, my only Prayer is never let me Forget you. Show me Truth.  May your Will be Mine. Fill my Words and Action with your own WILL.   You remain pure and untouched, outside it all, infinite Source pervading all, though complete in yourself beyond all creation, neither more or less you remain whole in yourself.  

Again Dear Lord my deepest prayer “Never let me forget you, not for a second.”  As the darkest places in the furthest reaches of the universes are slave to your almighty Sword of Light.   I can never be far from you with your name on my lips …. God, Allah, Divine Source of ALL, Oh Divine Mother unfolding into creation as pure Light is your WISDOM.  You are a shield and Glowing Lamp on the darkest night. 

Here for now I remain in your cremation ground, Death of Old Ego’s desires, giving food for new life. 

Forever Bowing.