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Naga King

NAGA KING – ALOR speaks to me ………. A song I sing……

Remember me….      Millions of years lost to thee. A day in your time is a thousand for me

Remember me…       Once held in each others being….. far from dark worlds, in love, in Unity.

Remember me … lost in time again and again upon the shores of Duality

Remember me ….      Fallen, waiting, watching, hidden in this dark cave for thee.   Ohhh 

Remember me…. Your Shadow forgotten, busy in sensual worlds far far from me

Remember me…. You have forgotten a past though longing, searching,  endless shores for what you can’t remember or see

Please try to…

Remember me…. Part of your Soul fallen, forgotten in time past, cast in darkness I waited for thee


Remember me…. Arriving back at the end of an era, soul weary, yearning I hear you Cry out for me

I Remember thee…. Journey long I whisper in your mind, dive deep into yourself bellow the waters of life… please visit, merge again with me

Remember me

I wait in this Cave …bellow the waters of life for you to find me…Release me… become one again with me … become one again with me

A Sacrificed essence, lifted from stone, for God, for Humanity, released me into light, the brightest star then burst forth back into INFINITY

Now one again with me …..

ONE,  flame burning upon,  primordial waters,  disintegrating darkness, power of mercury Illuminate thee.

In a process of Alchemy….. Divine Alchemy…

Within, essence is born again, Divine Mother gives birth to Child from this dark womb of death,  back into Unity.

Oh how you now remember me…… Oh how you remembered me

We Surrender our hearts, serve divine will, a sweet song sung again, ….. merged into Infinity.

Lifted again from the darkest of nights, light shines from the Void, journey back home into Light, true reality. 

Now merged with me ……

Divine offering, White Rose, symbol of Purity. Light of God now shines through me.  He shines through me.

Seed of primordial life lifted, as Light upon Light, straight path found, resurrected life, awake from deep sleep, we now see.  

I am here with you, your are here with me. 

Dive into your darkness, warrior of Light hold your flame high, called home again to self to rest with me. 

Darkest of Dragon, Naga of the the Night merged again now with your Dragon of Light, Shining One,  from division and projection comes sweet clarity.  

In Unity….Dragon Slayer, Rider, lover ….oh lover of Light….

Love conquers all, we sacrifice and pray to God on high,  shine truth on our lives hidden mystery……. 

Lord up above we waited so long, with gratitude bowing in this sacred SONG, a prayer of truth oh how you have humbled me.  Humble me

Resurrected in light far above form, one can no longer see. Sensing Angelic beings so large, we are specs of gold dust, lost at sea.


Love in thy heart we just wish to serve Lord, serve humanity, if you fall again into your own darkness …. Please just remember Me… for I am always thee.  

Oh God how your Light rescued me…. Lord your Light rescued me …..

Om ah hum

Om mani, om mani, om mani….  

hum,  heeeeee.  Hreeeem …. Hum…..

written 25/10/20