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Mother of Dragons

(120x120cm, Linen Canvas, Acrylic, 24kt Gold Leaf. 2016/17


Oh Mother of Dragons yours is Purest of heart.  The Pearl of Wisdom hidden deep within your waters of life.  Ever riding onward in creation, holder of Wisdom and Life.

Oh Mother of Dragons born with the Sun and Moon in your hands, sacredly holding forever the key to Immortal Man.

Oh Mother of Dragons in the sanctity of your love transforming lead into gold… in the mysteries of the Holy Fire your wings of Divine Spirit unfold.

Oh Mother of Dragons through death you give life… your Dragons Eggs are potential universes and are our bodies of light.

Oh Mother of Dragons your being is the doorway through which we reach the Eternal Sun, by your Grace we are transformed the inner path illumined.

Oh Mother of Dragons nursing worlds and universes in the palms of your hands, their births are birds taking flight as Spirit rise on your command.


Oh protector of worlds, Dragon Rider in Darkness and Light.  Guarding the Entrance and holding the Key to Eternal Life.