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Light in Death

(150x122cm, Linen Canvas, Acrylic Paint, 24kt Gold Leaf)

Light in Death

In death of self creeps a dark silence into the Void

letting go of all,

becoming all and nothing at the same time,

serving All.

In the Void of ‘no thing’ the brightest light shines forth. She is Wisdom. Dwelling in the Death of Self. Birthing the Christ Child.

No Death exists for the wise, they know they are not this or that. Dwell in Union with the unknowable All. Here one with All.

Dwell in the Light of Darkness. Die to be Reborn.

The Path

“Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way,

which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Jesus the Great Kabir

Escape the eternal Law of Eternal Return. Know the wheel of becoming, its Laws of Nature.

Seek the Straight and Narrow Path to liberation. Know the Divine Laws.

Liberation through Wisdom, through Light, through Divine Service.

“Naked before all she has no armour of ego to cloth her” seeing herself reflected in All. Compassionate Heart overflowing. Extending Prayers and Light in each breath, flowing into a silent current under the waves of life.


If you were to face death tomorrow, what would you do today?

Would you reflect on your life and fervently pray.

What would you do with your life if time did prevail?

How would you incorporate some purpose and what would this entail?

There are two extremes  when extremes when death calls out a name,

The pure and the wicked that play in this game.

For a pernicious man with insatiable desire,

You shall finally feel the heat from your fire.

As tears burn your skin like formidable acid rain,

Intrinsically knowing your life was in vain.

For what reason did you carry the weight on your back,

burdened with the worldly from reality you did distract.

Think now was your hand held out to give or to take,

How many souls along your path did you recklessly forsake.

As you strove to what end in all of your hast,

for material possessions which now lay dormant to waste.

As dark cloud has descended with cause do you fear,

Knowing your judgment day is definitive and finally here.

Then to those that held compassion secure in their heart,

With death they look forward to their glorious new start.

As life was lived to learn and to grow,

Fortunate for within themselves the truth they did know.

Now do not be mistaken for they were not free from sin,

Though the difference is their remorse they feel from within.

For we all must fall and hear our own cries,

This in turn creates a change so we open our eyes.

Seeing true the reality and the nature of our mind,

Knowing it comes from inside us the peace we look to find.

So as death encroaches upon you do not be afraid,

For those that lived authentically it a chance to be saved.

And do not lament for loved ones as you part,

For they too transcend and shall remain forever in your heart.


by Jaime Lamont. Japan 2001