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Mantra Purusha

120x120cm. Linen Canvas. Acrylic. 24kt Gold Leaf.  

HONOURING THE DIVINE FEMININE ….. our pathway home through the Divine Mother.

She travelled on sound and light.  Ascending home through the Void.  

The Sacred Sound Vibrations connected to divine aspects of creation, aspects of the Divine Mother. Uniting with the Primordial Prakasa.

PRAKASA & NADA. LIGHT & SOUND form Creation. Let there be LIGHT and first there was the WORD, as they create so they take us home to the Unity of Source. 

She is your embrace between breaths in the deep silence of infinity. She carries you on her wings of light so all is sweet. This subtle movement inside you is her divine vibration. Where ever you are and what you do is of little consequence as long as there is awareness in each present moment, moving and dancing to her eternal Song of Love and Grace.

Mother Illuminates and guides our journey home through the worlds of manifestation and experience.


Divine Mother in Endless Play and Communion with her Consort 

This Primordial Energy, or the force that emanates from everything. Shakti is the kinetic quality of the inexpressible Godhead.

Through her all is created and all is dissolved within her Dark Womb. The graveyard of creation.

Mantra Purusa – the vibration of our body parts are her Sound of Creation.

Our chakras represent each element which has a bija mantra associated with it, when a mantra is sounded it resonates in the chakra and purifies the nadis (subtle channels of energy).

Bija Seed Mantra –… Shakti bija mantras carry Cosmic forces of Nature such as the energies of the Sun and Moon, electricity and magnetism, not simply as outer factors but as inner potentials of Divine light, love and wisdom. Shakti mantras hold, resonate, and propel the Kundalini force, the higher evolutionary power of consciousness, to flow within us.

Sacred Sounds keeping us illuminated, humbled in devotion and love to something far greater than we will ever know.