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Mantra Purusha

120x120cm. Linen Canvas. Acrylic. 24kt Gold Leaf.  4400 + GST/Delivery

DIVINE FEMINIE ….. our pathway home ….

She travelled on sound and light… She connected to divine aspects of consciousness by deeply loving and making the vibrational sound of the specific aspect.

Our Journey through TIME & SPACE … DEATH & BIRTH are mere changes in form …. The Soul carries on …. Though it may get lost along the way …. And we search all the worlds for this connection that is deep within our heart the whole time. This is the divine IRONY … the search, the longing, the finding again … then the resting in her bliss and deep endless expansive love.

Bring her into the dance of your daily song and move with her on your breath in devotion and deep love for finding your lost lover again that never left but got covered up by the layers of conditioning from lives lived.

She is your embrace between breaths in the deep silence of infinity. She carries you on her wings of light so all is sweet. This subtle movement inside you is her divine vibration. Where ever you are and what you do is of little consequence as long as there is awareness in each present moment, moving and dancing to her eternal Song of Love and Grace.

She is our Way home.

Mother Illuminates and guides our journey home through the worlds of manifestation and experience.

Divine Mother in Endless Play and Communion with her

The word shakti comes from the root “shak,” “to be able, to have power”. Any thing, any activity, has power; if the power be not visible, it is latent. This is Adya-Shakti, Primordial Energy, or the force that emanates from everything. Shakti is the kinetic quality of Brahman, the inexpressible Godhead.

She is our object of devotion and worship… through her all we see and touch has this invisible aspect of pure primordial energy …through her we humble and bow before the light in all….. underlying all is her.

Through her all is created and all is dissolved.

Mantra Purusa – the vibration of our body parts are her creative sounds …..
Our chakras represent each element which has a bija mantra associated with it, when this mantra is sounded it resonates in the chakra and purifies the nadis (subtle channels of energy). The nadis the link the higher spiritual aspects of our being with our mind, emotions and our body.

Bija Seed Mantra –… Shakti bija mantras carry the great forces of Nature such as the energies of the Sun and Moon, electricity and magnetism, not simply as outer factors but as inner potentials of Divine light, love and wisdom. Shakti mantras hold, resonate, and propel the Kundalini force, the higher evolutionary power of consciousness, to flow within us.

Sacred Sounds keeping us illuminated, humbled in devotion and love to something far greater than we will ever know.


Shaki Mantras relate to the primary forms of the GOODDESS or DIVINE MOTHER. There are special Shakti mantra for each of the great Goddesses, through which we can commune with them and gain their Graces. Transforming the deepest layers of our consciousness and healing our whole being so we can rest in the bliss of our true self. SAT NAM. Truth is our Identity.

**Pranic energy Ascending power of pure consciousness Oæ (AUM)
**Energy of sound Creative power of knowledge and guidance Aiæ (Aieem)
**Solar energy Power of illumination and reflection Hrãæ (kreem)
**Lunar energy Power of reflection and devotion Írãæ (shreem)
**Electric energy Power of action, expression and transformation Krãæ (kreem)
**Magnetic energy Power of love and attraction Klãæ (kleem)
**Power of fire Power to purify, protect and remove negativity Hïæ (hreem)
**Power to stabilize Power to hold and conceive Strãæ (streem)


Gratitude to know the wisdom of the subtle
Gratitude to great spirit, great liberator and great truth that dwells as consciousness in sound ……when I am tired of another days work – God is my refuge & the spirit of mantra carries my soul through another day.
may we serve all with love…may we be humbled before the great mystery & devote each breath to the infinite truth hidden in all…

Mantras are divine tools we can use to protect us, expand our electromagnetic field, balance our mind, bringing us to a state of inner peace & bliss. Going within and drawing closer to the Light.
Gratitude to all the masters that have come before us and paved the way to liberation.