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Kali Ma & Tripursundari

(120x120cm Linen Canvas. Acrylic. 24kt Gold Leaf)

4000 + GST/Delivery



Kali Ma … compassionate divine mother form of infinite space, energy and eternal time. She energises everything through a divine electrical force. She is the Tongue of the Sacred Fire..& consumes all offerings. She is Karma Yanja cosmic breath of all. Drinking the blood of all as ruler of time, birth, death and transformation. Also turning darkness into light.
At first one may sense fear at the darker side of her nature however she is the slayer of our own inner demons revealing that the only thing to fear is the reflection of our own egos judgements, greed vanity etc… She takes one into her womb, many dark cemeteries and burial grounds.  Here one faces fearsome visions until they realise that the demons in front of them are parts of own ego that must be annihilated by the light of consciousness.  As one brings awareness to these visions breathing the light of consciousness into them they are transformed and all that is left of these demons are the skeletal remains.. ..making room now for the bliss of the divine spirit to fill.
Not until one has been emptied …. Can they be filled with Divine Nectar. Through annihilation of the ego… the Soma can flow…creating bliss union with the divine in all…

Needing to work with both the electrical and magnetic qualities to transform ourselves. Both Sun and Moon must be balance ….Fire and water. Female and male qualities. As the Spiritual fire rises on the water divine mother can be accessed. She lives in all of our being and exists in every cell and also as potential sexual energy. Here is the key to knowing her…offering back this sacred seed in transmutation one may be liberated and the light of consciousness expanded to see her divinity in all. Kali naturally destroys our demons as we are offering to her this Sacred Fire. Thus the bliss of Lalita dancing can be enjoyed regardless of external circumstance.

True freedom & liberation from suffering in the divine surrender. Forever bowing to the Divine Mother….. May each action be as ritual and sacrifice to her dancing through life with gratitude for this continuous consciousness in each present moment (& even for the pains) having gratitude allows room for divine grace to descend opening True Gnosis.

The mantra related to Kali is कॄं (Krim, Kreem, or Kring).


Kali slays the way making room for the Goddess Sundari and the flow of her Soma…