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Journey to Naga Loka



I am A LOR – a Naga King Servant of the divine, guardian of hidden treasures awaiting the seeking heart to find.
Holy Grail- sword and chalice, symbolically hiding powers deep within. Clear space, offer sacred sound, raise vibration before you begin.
Teacher and guide here within, in the Netherlands I roam.  Protecting treasures and great wisdoms … leading lost souls home.
Hidden beyond your realm and what conditioned man can see. Deep bellow the oceans and crystal palaces through a porthole one may find me.
Though seek not for I will find you again when its your time….. we are one through the mother, keep your heart open and kind.

Seek sanctity and devotion as I hold the key, pure heart filled with love overflowing is a gateway to find me.
Journey on my White Swan she will guide you and be your sacred helm. Surrender to love, dive bellow the waters far beyond this physical realm.
Seek her pure heart she is mother devotion, pure love … Bhakti. The Heart is the greatest lock and this pure vibration of love her Sacred Key.

Now GREAT SOURCE OF ALL cries out …..
Go out and create though bring all things back to me. When you dance Lila’s Song nothing can touch you as here ‘I am you and you are me’.
For this life is a gift all is borrowed and the journey long, so remember the illusion of Maya as you follow your hearts song.
Offering light in sacred union gives birth to a spirit child made of Gold. Raising light upon the waters, through holy fire, this is what the seeker dost search to behold.
NAGA KING Whispers again this is the treasure hidden bellow the deep sea. Unlock your deepest self through truth, light and love.. here fire burns on the waters and you will find me.