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Jai Radha Madhava


Jai Radha Madhava

Through husband and wife in Divine Union.  Karmamudra the action seal. Uniting the Vajra and the Lotus. Shakti and Shiva in Divine ecstasy.  Worship the Phallus and Yoni.  Wife and Husband  honouring God and Divine Mother in union of Flesh, Soul and Spirit in supreme devotion to the Divine.  The Outer representing the inner and the inner forming the outer.    From Divine Union, Sexual Alchemy between husband and wife, Bodhicitta is born naturally, awakening of the inner Christ Child, the buddha nature.  

Here all Fierce Women are born and Solar Children of Light. Krishna, Christ, Hermes.

As Avatar – a Messenger, he delivers a message on behalf of God.  Krishna is God of Love.  He is Christ and the trinity existing in all religions.  This Divine spark incarnated to guide humanity back to the light. 

“Whenever the law declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth.  I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil  and to re-establish the law.” 

Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8

Krishna is Energy. Like Vishnu a symbol of an aspect of the Divine that helps humanity.  Krishna is Prakriti.. creative, sustaining and destroying.  “Everything is born in me and dies in me”.   This essence, Christ, Krishna, Light, divine energy ..all originates out of that and returns back to that.  The original Seed.  Primordial Seed held in the sacred waters of our own being. The ADI Buddha.

God is in all things and beyond all things. Knowing all and unknowable by all.  

“I am Kama (sex life) not contrary to Dharma”. Sex life not contrary to religious principles.  Bhagavad Gita Ch7-11.  Speaks of this Divine Union and possibility of awakening this Force within as one Unites in Divine Love and Devotion.

All is illuminated by this Divine Fire LIGHT – it is Krishna, Christ, Horus all protectors and Children of the Divine Mother.  Symbolised by the Cow and her milk the Amrita.  She exists hidden dormant in the Divine Waters of our inner being.

Bhagavad Gita 7-10

“O Son of Pritha, Know that I am the original bijam (seed) of all existences,  the Buddhi-matam (intelliegence), and the tejah (power) of the tejasvinām.”

He is the Original Primordial Seed.  This seed is within us, forming creation.  It is the seed in the sexual waters of our being. This seed is the Intelligence and Power of the Divine Mother within the Seed of Life. She is the power of the Primordial Prakasa. She is the Vajra power creating the Diamond Soul.  




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