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Hamsa Way of the White Swan

(120x120cm, Acrylic Paint, Gold leaf)


Raising the Serpent upon the Staff of life.  Awakening the Divine Mother Kundalini raising her up the Spines etheric Channels to transform, awaken conscious and heal.  Her power is that of the Holy Spirit giving birth to the Divine Child within.


Inhale deeply, very slowly, sipping on divine light flowing down your spine into the depths of your being …..Exhaling SAA as this divine light, creative energy rises through the spinal column up to the brain.

mentally pronounce the mantra HAM – HAAAAMM Inhaling and Exhale-SAH: SAAAAHH…

Continuously repeat this silent prayer on the breath throughout the day with full awareness….offering a space of stillness beyond the duality and business of the daily activity.  Creating a solid foundation to move from balancing the polarities of the mind, the solar and lunar aspects of our being.

Raising fire on the waters the symbol that in the East makes the chaotic waters of life fertile with the Spiritual fire is Ham-Sah, way of the White Swan.

White Swan is Bhakti …… Divine Love.  Awaken the Hand of the Mother.  Hamsa is the Hand of Mary, Fatima, Miriam, she is the Protective hand of the Goddess awakening from within.  She raises her hand to serve all in Protection and Offering.  God is in ALL.  Beyond ALL.  Forever bowing before you. 

GOD my refuge, each breath is an offering to you. 



I am love, devotion and peace. Seek Divine Service and find me.  I am pure of heart to guide you.

Welcome to my world beyond snow and high mountain peaks you shall find a Crystal Cave …blooming with white flowers, Crystal Roses cover the walls. Let me carry you into my own world raising the bronze snake upon the staff of life.  Find the philosophers stone.  You are a tree of life and worlds exist within your being. Go deep within your heart to find me.

I am love and devotion, Angel and Princess Swan, 

Snow trees blooming White Roses. Ice and diamond caves softened with the light of eternally burning fires rising from pools of water.  There is a warmth embrace holding you.  Yantras and sacred symbols discreetly  fill the walls glistening diamonds reflect their energy in all directions creating a prism of colour and mystery.  

We transform ourselves into angels and here to guide man on his alchemical journey.  HAM SAAA

This eternal light in the heart of all men seeking divine truth shines forth.  Hamsa carries in your hand this precious tree of knowledge… hidden in your being.  You are the tree of life the mystery exists within.

A seed exists within to create life. Transform this seed into light, Christified as the serpent is raised upon the staff in offering to the divine.  Raise this light through your being.