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Sophia & Golden Dragon

(Linen Canvas. 23/24kt Gold Leaf. 2017)

Journey to the Golden Dragon…….

Oh Golden Dragon you Whisper your Wisdoms …… and say….

“You are a child of the Stars held in the Womb of Creation…..

Your Soul is Golden with the Tail of a Peacock hiding a body of rainbows beyond what is seen…..

Heaven and Earth are Merging within you.

Rest, Sleep dear Child of Light until you awaken in your Dream.  This Song and its visions are a note dropped in the ocean of the True Self.

Rest child, Sleep again as I hold you in my Golden Body of Light, its womb an alchemical coldroun for your true being to unfold.  Spirit and Soul merged here where infinity exisits in nothing and all.  No where to go still … nothing to see

Sleep Child still deep in your Dream I am enclosed around and within, feel me rouse as I rise through you in a golden tunnel home up through a Star-Gate of Crystal Light.

I Whisper again awaken child of light …awaken…spread your wings and fly.  Fly high, far above the earth, water and fire of your being… merge with the wind of your heart and rise again where No thing exists but all is found.

Now the Sun is rising with her song of morning again she Whispers awaken child of light.  I have come to call you home. I am Protector, giver of Wisdom and life, here to your Souls crying out in the darkness of night.

I hold the Pearl of Wisdom for the hero to retrieve, your own light, fire and water are within me. Watcher of the Crystal Palace Guarding from the waters bellow.  Behold keeper of treasure, locked deep within me. I hold the key to Time Immortal that beyond which no conditioned man can see.

Down in the deep creative waters bellow a hidden Dragon lays Whispering…’Dear child…Rouse my Holy Fire and burn it upon the waters of life to find the Golden Embryo.  Here lays hidden the Egg of a Dragon bearing holy child.  Refine this Golden Elixer to Birth your Child of the SUN.

A Son from the Union of Holy Mother and Father, in an offering to the Divine

….. and the Fire of my Holy Breath is the Key of True Light.




By those who love her she is readily seen,

And found by those who look for her …..

in every though of theirs, she comes to meet them