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Goddess of Light

(120×120 cm. Linen. Acrylic Paint. 24kt Gold Leaf.  2015)      



I am the fire that of burns in thy heart, the rising steam and fire from waters I grow.

I am the seed of creation before manifest into its division and dellusion below.

Come centre within and rise from the material earth, move past desire, death and rebirth.

This is not your only home and life Not as it seems, within the heart hidden a Pearl of Wisdom and treasures lay in your dreams.

Move beyond this world journey into the ethers of my being, I am here within and beyond in an atomic world unseen.

Journey into me let my Sacred World open through the mist and close the path behind, as ying turns to yang when the two become one you shall find the doorway home past your limited mind.

In her eternal realm echoing out Divine Songs of Wisdom, deep love beconing Man to walk furhter into the night to find the lost jewel of his own eternal song.

Merging in all she is all of creation and beyond.

She whispers SSSSHHHH and calls the sepent home, above creation into the ethers and light.  Behold her Wisdom invisible sound waves in the darkness of night.  The Power of creation, she whispers to man behold this infinite source of divine light, for the serpent lays sleeping deep within the creative waters and hides a body of light.

Behold immortal soul in devotion and sacrifice I offer all to thee, lifting up the flames of Fire from the waters as holy marriage between Soul and Spirit consume me.

Climb jacobs ladder, raise the serpent in your tree,   It is within you and in all other a hidden path unveiling the darkness to truly see me.

Ascend into my ethers feel my love as arms holding you tight, lifting you up out of the womb of creation transmuting the seed now born witness to the eternal Light…..

Man must come through my womb holding his sword of truth to walk through doors of death, beyond rebirth to become One.  He is the light in his own darkness.  Beyond death and life rise into the fire of the Etenal Sun.

You are the eternal sound silent behind the Word, you are a sound coming from within that cant be heard.

Oh Great Truth you are the Guru leading from darkness to light with Songs you illuminate the Way,  bowing with love Oh Mother of Wisdom source of all with each Soul another Song in your Divine play.