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Acrylic Paint. 24kt gold on Canvas    

This Painting a Study of….. the souls journey through the internal, worlds and Alchemy of Soul…. within the Vibration of the Canvas all the following subjects exist……

• 10 light bodies of Consciousness
• Divine Sounds. Sanskrit Shakti Bija- Sounds of Consciousness –Seeds of Creation
• Genesis, Exodus and Revelation …the real meaning of Allegories corresponding to the Souls Journey and Evolution. The 7 Charkras and the Internal Journey Atomic Worlds within …
• True Tarot … The Great Arcanum … Secret Gate “TREE OF KNOWLEDGE” within the TREE OF LIFE …Daath – sexual Alchemy – hidden doorway within our own self.

10 light bodies, 10 Sephiroth -universal vibration emerging from Ain Soph-limitless light..our true essence. Spheres are atomic… represent microcosm & macrocosm
..Jacobs ladder..all of the worlds of cosmic Consciousness representing both our inner journey through the chakras n energy centres and its relation to multidimensional levels of creation. 4 worlds from

  1. Atziluth- archetypes/worlds of emanations-divine world,
    2. Briah: world of creation
    3. Yetzirah: world of formation and of the Angels
    4. Assiah: world of action of matter
    This map is represented in all religions and mystery schools …. & represents these forces within our own being. Our own internal connections to the light, father, son, and Holy Spirit … ( brahma, Vishnu, shiva/Shakti)….The trinity within.

2 trees – tree of life our Sephiroth …Tree of knowledge Daath- hidden doorway -unions of shiva-shakti…this is the mystery of Adam and Eve”” with 3 aspects of divine mother wisdom, love and power creation is manifest. The use of sexual alchemy transmuting the sacred seed is the secret doorway to activate and open up our connection to the divine within….

The Ten Bodies in KUNDALINI

1st Soul Body
2nd Negative Mind
3rd Positive Mind
4th Neutral Mind
5th Physical Body
6th Arcline
7th Aura
8th Pranic Body
9th Subtle Body
10th Radiant Body

“If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan


EK ONG KAR – long call. Morning call

EK = One = First Chakra
ONG = Creator = Second Chakra
KAR = Creation = Third Chakra
SAT = Truth = Fourth Chakra
NAM = Name or Identity = Fifth Chakra
SIRI = Supreme = Sixth Chakra
WHAHE GURU = Indescribable Wisdom = Seventh Chakra


Revelation… Very deep … Esoteric… Dealing with 7 vowels, sounds of creation, 7 churches representing 7 chakras within our own being…. First there was the word, sound vibration of creation… This energy crystallises into different geometrical forms… Using divine seeds of creation through mantra transmuting the sexual energy to awaken and unlock our true potentials and connection to source.
Shakti Bija Mantras – inner potentials of the Divine Light. Relating to the primary forms of the Divine Mother/Goddess ..through vibration taking us to and linking us with the primordial consciousness of particular creative energy…deeply transforming our consciousness. They are devotional prayers & should be used with deep devotion & reverence.
Pranic energy – Om
Energy of sound- Aim
Solar energy -Hrim (Hreem)
Lunar energy – Srim (shreem)
Electrical energy – Krim (Kreem)
Magnetic energy – Klim (kleem)
Power of fire – Hum
Power to stop – Hlim (Hleem)
Power to stabilise- Strim (streem)
Power to transcend- Trim (treem)
Primal sounds of creation, unravelling the conditioning, connecting us with our true essence. …Mantra Purusha – Sanskrit alphabet functions as a locational indicator- for parts of body reflecting energy regions through sound vibration.

Prime Shakti Mantras
Pranic energy Om Energy of sound Aim
Solar energy Hrim Lunar energy Shrim
Electric energy Krim Magnetic energy Klim
Power of fire Hum Power to stop Hlim
Power to stabilize Strim Power to transcend Trim

MANTRA PURUSHA – sounds of creation vibrating within our body …..



GENESIS…..EXODUS….REVELATION — all relating to the Alchemical Journey within….


TAROT – GREAT ARCANUM . 22 CARDS (from gnosticteachings)

The exploration of the universal principles contained in the twenty-two arcana of the Tarot, the Hebrew letters, and the Kabbalah.
Like the Chakra System in the East with divine Kundalini rising up the spinal column…the Caduseus …. The real medicine and healing for the body mind and Spirit, raising divine mother Kundalini within.
“The Tree of Life is the spinal medulla. This Tree of Wisdom is also the ten Sephiroth, the twenty-two creative Major Arcana, letters, sounds, and numbers, with which the Logos (God) created the universe.” – Samael Aun Weor


  1. The Magician
    2. The Priestess
    3. The Empress
    4. The Emperor
    5. The Hierophant
    6. Indecision
    7. Triumph
    8. Justice
    9. The Hermit
    10. Retribution
    11. Persuasion
    12. The Apostolate
    13. Immortality
    14. Temperance
    15. Passion
    16. Fragility
    17. Hope
    18. Twilight
    19. Inspiration
    20. Resurrection
    21. Transmutation
    22. Return