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Etheric Retreats

(Canvas, Acrylic Paint, 2013)      


A night in the stillness of devotion, Soul takes flight.   

Merlin appears from the void, offering the Dragons Light.  Here ……the two must become one….. 

Whispering …. be careful Dear Child as you walk the razors edge fighting your own monsters in the night.  Tame this inner Dragon, make him one with the Will of the Divine.  

Journey deep into the darkness of your being to save the Virgin of pure consciousness, of pure light, conditioned and trapped in the deepest darkest most unconscious places of your being.  Descent to the underworld, Dive deep bellow the waters and earth to find hidden in a cave the lost Pearl of Great Price.

Hold tight Divine Shield and Sword of Light.

The Universe exists within. Take flight from your body and follow the Hero’s Journey home.  Face inner Demons, retrieve the medicine and return in Divine Service.  

Bring healing and harmony to life.

The World is Like a Dream.  Don’t get lost in your own dream.   Alight with the higher Dream God has for you.  Follow your Dharma and Wisdom of Divine Mother, she will guide your way home.  

God speaks to us through Dreams and the World of Metaphor, Archetype and Symbol.  Codes of Sound and Light.  Follow his guidance home, seek truth.

Hold equanimity in thy humbled heart. Grateful for what shows on the path.  All is lesson to learn from, be kind.  Divine Will is your straight path and protection against the Egos falsely projected desires and illusions. 

May our whispers of Light be felt through all the Worlds and Dimensions.  May we journey far and deep seeking the Medicine of Truth, may we never forget you.

Forever Bowing as the illusion of Death turns to Life,

Forever Bowing as Day turns to Night, 

Forever Bowing as this Darkness again turns to Light.

Journey into the depths of your being, Die to yourself so that you may be reborn.  

Know thyself and you shall know the Universe.