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Divine Paradox

Painting: Acrylic, 24ct gold leaf, Plasma. GANS and Gas in Nano State on Canvas.  


Buddhic WORLDS in SAMSARA 31 Planes of existence.

The Divine Paradox.

….painted my way through a little bout of depression…bit messy…It was a big wave…hmmm
….With the help of Maha Mrtyunjaya & coming back to morning practice….finally starting to feel a little lightness again. May we continue to learn from the polarity of high then low….it’s constant changing and impermanence. May I learn again from this experience & hold more equanimity & grace in riding future waves!!!

God thank you for the lightness of being. Divine mother thank you for your “divine sounds”, medicine for the soul. Vibration codes connecting us to your creative power, energy that brings peace and healing pouring forth from the divine fountain of Light, God, Source of all. Thank you for your healing & liberation…may you guide our way on.
…may all souls find peace in your eternal light & grace ….

THE TREE OF LIFE and KNOWLEDGE ….. “the Kabbalah is lost in the night of the centuries, within the womb of Maha Kundalini, the Great Mother, where the universe was engendered.”