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Divine Mother

Journey to the Divine Mother.    SOLD.

She rides in her chariot, body of light.  A sacred geometrical force field is her luminous body.

Gracing us with her Wisdoms, her Pearl necklace of creation holding many Worlds within Worlds.  Each pearl a divine symbol of her many aspects of creation and Divine Wisdoms.

She tells me…..

“all is part of me and within me.  Taking the Spark from source I merge from the great unknown the primordial darkness beyond time & space.  Here this darkness is never dark as you know of darkness as the void is bursting with infinite potentialities.

All is held within me and my pure being is within all.  This world is covered by the conditioning of karmas and man lost his inner vision. One must dive beneath the shallow surface into the depths of my being seeking atomic worlds within. 

Both beyond creation and manifesting into it, I am the spark of light that inspires.  I am the muse of the artist and poet.  I am what all search for though they may not even know they are looking.  I am ecstatic dance and true Bliss.  

Those whom seek and find my grace are humbled to serve and love unconditionally.  As those whom seek to love unconditionally are humbled by my Grace.  As this deep love resonates at my frequency thus merging with me one comes to know me.   Love all my children of creation for you are them.  Seek the inner treasure of your heart as there lays hidden a pearl of Wisdom and she is true prosperity.

The Seekers of truth, warriors of light and wounded healers alike crying out oceans of tears in dark worlds.  Seeking more than the physical world around them have come to know me.  Humbled by the harshness and pain of this world, seeking refuge from the strong storms of karmic winds.  In the silent worlds within as the false outer shell is peeled back a spark of light is revealed and though it burns dimly on a cold night a true place of refuge is found.

This overflowing of heart and deep love for everything and anyone is experienced as the divine is honoured and seen in all.”