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Death & Transformation

Linen Canvas 120x120cm. Gold Leaf. Acrylic Paint  


An initiate undergoes a crucifixion and death of the old lower self, so that an inner Christic child can be born as child of God.

One meets Anubis on the internal planes, deep within. Guardian of the lower threshold to initiates that wish to pass into the spirit realms. Guide of the Dead and embalming. Guardian of the Scales, weighing the soul/heart against the feather of truth MAAT. Shepherd of the dead and psychopomp.

Scavenger of flesh (fleshly desires and egos). We begin to recognise, become aware of our lowly nature, habits, desires that need dissolving in the Spiritual Fire. Shedding the skin of self so we come naked before the Mother deep in her womb. Death of all but essence so we can be filled dying in self and being reborn from Darkness into the Light of Divine Will.


It is our own Lower Nature. Which then becomes under the command of Divine Will. The Will of GOD.

Once the Mother destroys these demons in us, the Jackal symbolically help purify and clean up the elements disposed of to reveal an undying Seed of Light, and key to the Doorway through the Mother, serving all who are one with her and the father.

BORN into the Divine Mother …. She is the Light within us. She is Mother of our inner Christ Child, birth by the “Virgin Sophia”. This light we hold for the World is the Light of Christ. It is an energy all beings are here to find and awaken.

He is our higher I being. He is Christ in us—as us. The Holy child born of Virgin Mother. Once the “Word,” is born in us, we are then able to cross the threshold, to connect with the Heavens Abode of all creative aspects of the Divine Mother. Here she is Light.

These Divine Aspects in Creation which are powers, forces of God to create.

Praise be to Divine Mother and God the Father of All in hiding. Forever Serving your LIGHT.