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Manifestations of Spirit …..The Bhagavad Gita XIII:12-18

“I will tell you of That which is to be known, because such knowledge bestows immortality. Hear about the beginningless Supreme Spirit—He who is spoken of as neither existent (sat) nor nonexistent (asat).
He dwells in the world, enveloping all— everywhere, His hands and feet; present on all sides, His eyes and ears, His mouths and heads;
Shining in all the sense faculties, yet transcending the senses; unattached to creation, yet the Mainstay of all; free from the gunas (modes of Nature), yet the Enjoyer of them.
He is within and without all that exists, the animate and the inanimate; near He is, and far; imperceptible because of His subtlety.
He, the Indivisible One, appears as countless beings; He maintains and destroys those forms, then creates them anew.
The Light of All Lights, beyond darkness; Knowledge itself, That which is to be known, the Goal of all learning, He is seated in the hearts of all.
I have briefly described the Field, the nature of wisdom, and the Object of wisdom. Understanding these, My devotee enters My being”



we only live inside our own heads… yet the consciousness is not just within our heads …. it can be anywhere.   we must find peace in whatever situation …for its all passing and impermanent, this world is a drop in the ocean. Our journey is not to become distracted by worldly desires instead go within.  The internal realms are infinitely more vast than this world.  Surrender and accept what is for we planted the seeds of our current experience perhaps long ago. Now is the time balance the score and find equanimity and peace through acceptance of what is.   Live in harmony with the laws of nature and use them wisely over riding a lower for higher law…..So we can move forward on the Souls evolution … assisting others through love and service to rekindle the flame, the holy fire within the heart.  To serve the light our biggest blessing.  Her Wisdom is infinite.



Tuesdays musings …making it through a busy day at work in grace …
Remain in the heart space as love. This is the access point to all that is, here you are connected to source as you vibrate at a resonance of unconditional love. Here as love not concerned about outcomes or about receiving love .. you are just love .. only beauty in the present moments arises here. Ego does not live here. Only your infinity, eternal connection to all in complete trust, each moment as Love. Not needing love, or seeking connection….allowing openings to arise and embracing them in each moment as you are Love & deeply connected to all that is

Nothing to do, no where to go, just to be in the wholeness of ‘I am that’. Change and impermanence … two things are certain. Hold onto nothing, this moment that passes, this day, year …life too comes to an end here in this world, soon enough for all. Embrace the only thing you take on the journey to the worlds after. Your own vibration beneath all the skin, bones, blood … there is a vibration of energy, a signature which is your being …. Resonate as love … here you will connect to your own divine truth…. Here your path on will serve you best as you walk in the light of truth as love.



Thank you Great Divine Spirit, God of Truth & Light.
All of your many forms and names Christ, Allah, Krishna, MahaSarasvati, Divine Mother Kundalini – I bow to you, I bow to you in all creation, I bow to your eternal Wisdom and truth.
Thank you for showing me the truth of LIGHT in my own depths of darkness. For allowing me to remain in this incarnation when so many times I fought to destroy this self.
How grateful I am to be blessed with such a beautiful family that never turned their back. I am forever your servant, may I never forget thee and this light within again.

Thank you for the peace you bring into my heart, into my being. Knowing when we give light to all you fill us with so much more. Knowing we can transmute the waters into the holy fire. Thank you for your grace and security on the physical level. I love you more than mere words can describe. My heart is forever yours, guide us in this world and the next, your mysteries are eternal, forever bowing in the greatness of your light.
Sat Nam



…Remember to be present, witness to the game- forever changing. Receive each moment with gratitude. Breath light into what is perceived dark and it will be transformed. Energy is always in motion and changing, the seeds we plant today will grow into our future. Humble self before the ‘infinite mystery of Great Spirit’ and give light to all. This light within will then grow as ones faith turns into ‘knowing’ that one is never alone as the universe is Consciousness and cradles all in her arms……


As we meditate & give light with unconditional love to others, spirit fills one more and more. The power of dedicating our yoga practice or even dedicating our suffering or our hard work to alleviate the suffering of all is beyond powerful and transforming on so many levels.

Pray that all beings find peace and liberation, pray any suffering you may feel can ease someone else that is also suffering. Then nothing we do is in vain.
Gratitude for our hardships, our solitude and silence as they take us to the edge of our self and back into ourself.

Nothing is permanent so find peace in your heart in any circumstance. Give light as this opens our compassionate heart and moves one out of its craving self. All is beautiful in this space, all is blissful as the spirit of truth dwells in light.

If you are upset or angry because you perceived someone has done you wrong… do not hurt yourself further by holding onto negative emotions that create more karma. Instead give the person love and compassion and understand that we all act from our level of awareness and we are all doing the best we can at our level. Pray for all to have more awareness, pray for those that hurt you for they need the most love.

Stay in your heart and love. This is where peace lives.



Musings after morning prayers and kriya …..

Gratitude for knowing you divine mother
Gratitude for Sadhana our daily rock that allows us to access our pranic body, remove blockages, liberate energy and access the more subtle realms of our being.
To balance and build our electromagnetic field so outside circumstance have less impact on emotional state, to fill up on this light so we may share it ….
Gratitude for this peace and love, this balance and stillness that opens up the heart centre and fills it with light….
Gratitude even for the days that bring sadness, pain and suffering as the conscious universe is communicating with us giving one the chance to consciously change, grow and purify.
I bow to you divine kundalini whom shifts us into a state of Christ Consciousness.
I bow to the light of Christ in all beings ….
We are one and connected by this unseen sea of vibrational energy,
Finding the light at zero point gravity through access points of ‘unconditional love’ and ‘gratitude’, needing nothing but to live with this remembrance and grace….
Blessed are we to live in this state of bliss (or capture moments of it) …. Our true infinite nature.
Sat Nam fellow seekers of truth, as we all are moving together even if we don’t realise it.


Divine ‘LIGHT’ is very real. This is the connection we lost or forgot moving through the cycles. We can give light and meditate on the light. En-lighten ourselves & those around us. It will transform your world as it has mine. ….quote ” To summarize, Quantum Physics shows us that our reality and almost all of the physical matter in our Universe is mainly empty. Our perfectly conceived Earth (the symbolic Garden of Eden) was filled with Light — as in the beginning, so in the end. In order to learn, grow and test our energies, God did not give us the power, as represented in pure matter from a pulsating Neutron Star, and high energy matter surrounding a pulsar. (See more on the Crab Nebula). We currently use the “speed of sound.” This is about 400,000 times less powerful than the Speed of Light. We do not have the power to get mad and curse our enemy dead. Why! Because our Quantum Physical Consciousness lacks the power and clarity of God’s Light. At the “end time” or rather the Climax of Consciousness, the Shift will occur. ]”




We can practice Tantra in our everyday lives. Anytime negative emotions arise (doubt, fear, anger), surrender this energy to the supreme, give thanks, light and love instead of complaint & worry.
You will experience a shift through your being. This transmutation of emotions into cosmic love & gratitude will initiate an enlivening of spirit …. an awakening of consciousness .. an expansion of awareness as the worries no longer touch you & u sore above them connected to your inner truth, the eternal truth in all.



Quotes about Tantra

“The Tantric student must be endowed with purity, faith, devotion, dedication to Guru, dispassion, humility, courage, cosmic love, truthfulness, non-covetousness, and contentment.” – Swami Sivananda

“The passions which bind may be so employed as to act as forces whereby the particular life of which they are the strongest manifestation is raised to the universal life. Passion, which has hitherto run downwards and outwards to waste, is directed inwards and upwards, and transformed to power.” – Mahanirvana Tantra

“In general, all systems of highest yoga Tantra’s completion stage involve the preliminary process of controlling the vital energies…” – Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism

“In the view of Tantra, the body’s vital energies are the vehicles of the mind. When the vital energies are pure and subtle, one’s state of mind will be accordingly affected. By transforming these bodily energies we transform the state of consciousness.” – The 14th Dalai Lama