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Awakening in Christ Consciousness

120×120 canvas.  


Journey into the painting …. she whispers …….

Murky waters hiding life bellow…..

Small lotus buds awaiting to bloom into the light above the dark waters of night.

He is the Sun and Sister the moon,  both brought into balance for the lotus to bloom.

A Dove sings on her decent… “I am Grace given unto you”.  A flame of fire rising on night, with dimly lite moon… reflections in the Water whisper I AM YOU.

Smoky clouds and rolling waves move up the mountains…. 

Engulfed by love on its highest peak, here a fire burns brightly and consumes All to renew. 

Letting go, movement, stillness ….. softness

Allowing grace as you are graceful, in the light, offering light, knowing you are that, all one connected. 

Held in the arms of God,  reflecting back his  deep love.   Kissing the waves as you float in her waters, honouring her depth, its darkness beneath the light reflected on her surface.  

She is MAAA….

Speak to the trees, whisper your love to the the air and she will carry your hearts song, offer this light to the spirits of the land and sea. They hear you.

Hold light in your hand, offer its seeds to all…. 

With love … wth gratitude…. 

This is her blessing in itself as Light is Wisdom her seeds given are returned and grow.

Illuminated is the path in this space of no-thing as all exists before manifest…. primordial waters … deep into infinity its mysteries.

Follow the song of your heart always and seek the clues on the internal path as She is whispering to you. Spirit is always speaking within the reflections of nature, her whispering beneath the waves of the mind.

Reflections …. Alchemy … transmuting ….Emotions become Devotion …. 

All touched by the compassionate heart overflowing in offering to something greater.

Transforming impressions…

De-conditioning the soul in its extremes … 

Coming home within ….equanimity.

Bowing to the divine in all…..

Seeing, feeling pain only knowing this one dream in Maya’s depths lost souls roam searching outside self never to find.  Such depth of sorrow carved into the soul will in turn one day rise in finding truth igniting the flame within.  Honouring all in this holy fire. 

Releasing all pain with gratitude for its lessons. Offer it light in hope it may heal another.  Finding deeper love from within.

Seeing behind the veils, another world, many multiverse and dimensions.  

A sea of consciousness … we are all intimately connected

A Seeker of truth in darkness, serving spirit and holding a torch of Light.

Raising the hand in offering all that back, bowing in your glory unknowable source of light, keeper of Wisdom, beyond life. Holy God, Father in Secret …. 

Beyond death and rebirth into infinity,  may we always serve you.

MAAAA in your creation

Thank you for your Grace