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Dragon Alchemy



A journey to the Genius. How do we work together. A song sung to me, though me by ALOR.  14th Nov, 2021.





Alor sings to me …..

Oh dear child, lover, sister, mother …. We are One, in the Mother with the Mother

I am Watcher, Protector…..

Power from the deep dark waters bellow,

I merge in you and through you.

Sacrificed Dragons as two becomes one …. 

From above and bellow ….

…..A Genii of Light….  Wisdom ….

Die to be Reborn

Offer all -Light- is your Sacrifice.

An Alchemical transformation as the hero ascends his way home,

Through the hidden worlds of his being,

A light unfolds from within.

Sacrificed essence

Sacred Holy MAtrimony 

Lovers merge ….. offer Light to All.

I am raised upon a sacred staff of life,

Light upon Light,

Self Sacrifice.

Disks of Spinning Light,

Golden lotus blooms,

All in offering of LIGHT.