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A Letter from GOD

A Letter from GOD – SOLD

Letters to God……

Ohh Lord God how I cried so low into the dark abyss of my own being.  

How a breaking heart could feel such loss. The sharp knife of magnified emotions carved into the bones of my being.  In every cell and atom, swallowing the pain of the whole Earth into myself.    

Ohh GOD how I cried out your name in darkness.  Yearning so deeply for more than this Valley of Tears, a heart breaks into a thousand pieces.  

So much pain,  amplified and turned inwards, I crucified my being.  Self ordained suffering, until limp and broken to life, laying dead on the Earth before you.

Oh Lord a heart cried out in search of what it knew deep down was there, though could not feel or find.

Where are you?….. Why have you left me alone?….

Oh Lord God so many dark streets I searched for you, lost unto self……….. unable to find.   

Broken again and again on the surface of time.  

Laying dying to self, death of a body, dying to this untamed mind.

LOST ON THE SURFACE OF TIME until there is no further to fall.  Nothing left in me, no wanting for life I cry and I call.   Then …….

On the Darkest of Night ….. 

                     …..a Light appears ….. 

Oh God how you heard my endless cry.  Leading to Divine Light, growing wings fly.  I remember why…..  This is my mantle, this Light is what I came here to find. 

Oh Lord, thank you for the Darkest of Nights that led me to Light. 



Dear Child

Take hold of my hand as you raise yours to Light.

Serve those who cant serve themselves, offer Prayers of Light.

Feeling their Pain as it is you, humble self with deep Gratitude.

Stand as a torch in the Dark Night, gifted wings to fly.

Let every breath be a silent prayer of love for me, continue to serve.

Honour Mother Creation, she is ‘My Light’ unfolding Wisdom within. 

I hear and answer your Prayers, Child of Light, crying out in the Darkness of Night.